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Mini Excavator
Mini Dumper
Wood Chipper

Excel Industry Co., Ltd

Tel: 0086-532-68958706

E-mail: sales@china-excel.net 




Excel Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery in China. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing these agricultural machinery, now we are becoming one of the most important exporter and manufacturer in this field in China.


 With strong technical and advanced production equipment and rich experimental experience, we have a completely production process of these machinery. Now our product range covered various tractor implement like backhoe, mini excavator, mini dumper, wood chipper and etc.


Dedicate to offer top quality farm machinery to global farmer and focus on high-quality European and American market. Based on this business concept, you can find our machinery in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and etc.
Welcome frineds all over the world come to visit!


Excel Industry Co., Ltd     
Tel: 0086-532-68958706      E-mail: